Episode #7: Homesteading on the Internet, Facts About Physician Referrals, and Resources for Finding Used Audiological Equipment

Sep 06, 2011

Episode #7: Homesteading on the Internet, Facts About Physician Referrals, and Resources for Finding Used Audiological Equipment

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The time to stake your claim on the internet is NOW. While it’s still possible to have a thriving audiology practice without a strong internet presence, there will come a day when that is no longer possible. The “dinosaur audiologists” (you know who I’m talking about) will finally get a website, and everyone will be online. But those people will be competing with practices who have been online for years and have very strong roots on the internet. The search engines don’t care if your practice has been around for 25 years, if you’ve only been online for a few months.

About physician referrals: Marketing is about getting the right message to the right person at the right time. And people take action when the perceived benefits outweigh the perceived costs. It’s just the way people are wired. And physicians are people too. We go over 4 basic facts about physician marketing that should be considered when designing a physician marketing campaign.

Finding affordable (used) audiological equipment. Every dollar spent on audiological equipment is a dollar not spent on something else. You can find great deals out there, if you know where and how to look. We go over some specific eBay techniques and introduce you to Bud Majest (http://www.majestllc.biz/).

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Please comment below, and let me know what you think. I’ve got a ton of great content I’m planning on presenting, but I’d really like to hear what YOU want to see.


8 Responses to “Episode #7: Homesteading on the Internet, Facts About Physician Referrals, and Resources for Finding Used Audiological Equipment”

  1. A Mueller

    07. Sep, 2011

    Thanks for your videos! I would love to hear specifically what people are milf porn doing to build the relationships with physicians. Also, should I be reaching out to family docs? ENTs who already have audiologists? others?

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  2. Donna Turilli

    16. Nov, 2011

    I would love to hear more about building relationships with physicians to help promote future referrals. As you said in the video, physicians are constantly being sold to which makes it difficult to get actual time in front of the doctor. I believe that after initial contact is made with a physician, there must to be continual contact for him/her to start referring. This is where I would love some feedback, what can we do to turn a one time visit with a possible referral source into a relationship?

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    • Matt

      22. Nov, 2011

      Hi Donna,

      I buy clomid online too would love to here more about what others are doing. Some audiologists have reported some success with physician newsletters, consistent reporting of AE results (even when self-referred), and thank-you notes. I’m currently in the process of testing a couple strategies that have worked for other professions. They look pretty promising, but I want to make sure they work well before I share them. Nothing too groundbreaking, but a little different for our industry. I think that consistency is key, regardless of which continuity strategy you ultimately go with.

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  3. D Turilli

    04. Jan, 2012

    Thanks Matt. I am looking forward to hearing about those strategies that you are currently propecia online testing.

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  4. Dr. Jeff

    04. May, 2012

    So informative. Thanks.

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  5. D Turilli

    06. Jul, 2012

    Are there any updates on the strategies you mentioned regarding physician referrals?

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  6. Matt

    13. Jul, 2012

    Oh yeah buy propecia – thanks for the reminder.

    We created some personalized audio cards using mailpow.com and mailed them to a bunch of physicians – introducing ourselves. The purpose was to make a splash and be memorable (quickly and cheaply), so that when we stopped by in person or talked to them on the phone over the subsequent few weeks, they would know who we were.

    It worked very well, a lot buy priligy better than the typical introductory letter. I’ll try and put together a video to email out that provides some more details.

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